STL Redistricting aims to address the lack of transparency surrounding the redistricting process in the City of St. Louis. Although voters passed a ballot initiative (Prop R) in 2012 that would reduce the number of wards from 28 to 14, no real plans emerged from Aldermen who are still tasked with carrying out the redistricting process. 

The Board of Aldermen is expected to finally release its first maps for public review on November 1, 2021. While the maps presented could in fact be excellent, following necessary legal criteria and free of political malpractice, St. Louisans have the right to see what other options are available. Be a part of the process, engage with maps on this website, and potentially even create your own! With this website, the Board-created map will not exist by itself and can be challenged by maps made by and for by St. Louisans.

STL Redistricting is a website create by Brian Adler, a current Master of Public Policy Administration student at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Brian is also the Editor-in-Chief of Missouri-Metro.com and will be the Vice President of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association until December, 2021. The maps and site itself do not represent the views of any of these organizations. Individuals who contribute to this website similarly do not represent those organizations.

Ready to look at some maps? Click the link below!